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WWC opened my heart

Before I attended WWC I was not as active in my faith as I had wished to be. I rarely prayed, I worked on Sundays, and I didn’t even know where to find my bible. It’s in my experience at WWC and the months that have followed that I have realized that exposure to something that will in no doubt change your life forever is not always something that you realize immediately, especially if God is writing the script.

As a gift to my mother for her birthday this past March, I attended the WWC here in Mooresville. Not only a gift to my mother, attending turned out to be one of the most contributing factors in the growth of my relationship with Christ. I got to spend time with familiar faces and I was given the opportunity to meet and connect with so many different women in my community. The combination of testimonies, music, the overall message overwhelmed my heart with love from Jesus that I had never been able to acknowledge before.

I prayed harder than I have ever prayed in my 21 years of life in the months after I attended the Whole Women’s Conference. I prayed to God to use me, I prayed to him that I was his and that I wanted to serve him in anyways he deemed necessary because I wished to be able to touch other hearts with his love the way mine was touched at WWC.

It has been roughly 7 months since attending WWC and I am amazed every day when I think about the changes God has made in my life. Over the summer I was given the opportunity to be a part of worship at Rocky Mount UMC. I have conversations with God multiple times every day, he is one of my best friends. Church is one of my favorite places to be and the bible is my direct line to Jesus. As often as I can, I read the word of god and pray that he continues use me to spread his word and show others how great he truly is.

The Whole Women’s Conference opened my heart in ways that I didn’t know were possible and gave me the strength to trust and have faith in our amazing God.

Sabrina Underbrink


Praying explicitly

In an attempt to be more involved in Rocky Mount’s ministry, I volunteered early in the planning stages of last year’s Whole Woman Conference. I wanted to be on the  door prize committee. My offer to help was graciously accepted and I got to work right away lining up my door prize donors.  In the months following, I only  attended the last  planning meeting so that I could deliver my door prizes.  Actually, as of 2 weeks before the conference, I hadn’t even registered.

Then, a  dear friend, who suffers from a serious,chronic disease, called and was excited to tell me that the church had invited her to attend the conference as their guest.  She wanted to know if I would go with her.  Her excitement was inspiring, and of course, I said that I would attend.  I told her shamefully about how I was on one of the committees and how I hadn’t even registered yet.  Frankly, I wasn’t even sure I was going to attend until she called me.  I  registered for the conference as soon as I finished talking with my friend, and I’m so glad I did.
It was so rewarding to spend that time with her  and to see the impact the conference had on her.  I came away from the conference with a lot, but the main thing I remember is one of the speakers saying to pray explicitly and fervently. I have since been attempting to do just that – praying explicitly- especially for the healing of this special friend who attended the conference.  So, I would like to thank the church  for reaching out to my friend, who in turn, reached out and witnessed to me.
Beverly Bishopp

I will go every year

I went to the Woman’s Conference last year for the first time. I was hesitant to go, not knowing what to expect. Well, I will go every year for as long as they have it! It was an amazing experience! The people and speakers were wonderful! My heart was touched and it made me look at life in a different way. I can’t wait to go again. I only wish it would be a monthly conference!

Michele Hunt

What a blessing to have

What a blessing to have attended my first Whole Woman Conference! To reconnect with friends and make new ones-wow…From the moment I walked in, I felt the Holy Spirit wrap around me.
Jane’s delivery of the Word, allowed me to see things in scripture that I had never noticed-I know now that I can walk like Elijah in the wilderness and everything will be ok-because at least I am not in the well, with no way to get out!
Kristen made me feel that through our lowest, our brightest and best is ahead-and we need to share our story!
Christy renewed my faith in “The Womanhood” and that being a Proverbs Woman, well it’s not a bad thing-life is what you make it and we can learn from those who “do life” differently than us. Oh, and it ok to think about ourselves once in awhile…
The ladies that brought forth their testimonies, proved that with God, all things are possible! We need to remind ourself that Faith and Doubt, nor Worry and Trust can reside in the same house. Yet through Him our Mess becomes a Message, our Test is a living Testimony and our TRIals become TRIUMPHS…
It was an honor to work with Teresa, Roxanne and Dorie in providing the music for the weekend and I pray that everyone’s takeaway to giveaway is We serve a Mighty, Life Transforming and Loving God….we simply need to Stop, Listen and every once in while get Refreshed, Restored and Renewed.
We are no good to anyone, if we don’t take care of ourselves-
May God continue to bless you and those you share your story with

Anji Dean

My first WWC

My first WWC was one that I will never forget as it was when I first shared my testimony with anyone of my journey of “finding a new normal” after the loss of my baby sister to suicide. I felt I was called by HIM to share what I needed to let go of in order to truly heal. That day, what I thought was a room full of strangers became sisters as I laughed, cried, learned and shared. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity as well as the hope I regained from this experience. This is more than a conference it’s a girl’s day filled with faith, hope and love from an unforgettable group of women.

Bridgette Malsbury