If I Asked You Today…

The following devotional was taken with permission from “Message in a Post,” a daily devotional site on Facebook, which is authored by Kristen Tucker, M.Div..

“If I asked you today to tell me how many people you knew needed some type of healing, I am sure you could gather a list for me quickly. For a majority of us, even our own names may be on the list. Sickness comes in many forms: physical, mental, spiritually, financially, etc. We need a Healer! For most situations we need a miracle!

This week our theme will be focused on healing. First, let’s start with ourselves. Where are you experiencing sickness? Some words related to sickness are condition, trouble, disorder, weakness (see Merriam-Webster Online for full list). Sickness can suppress our well-being, our wholeness. It can exhaust us, take away our health and make us weak.

David wrote a Psalm of Thanksgiving for Escaping Death, and in this Psalm he cries out to the Lord: “I will praise you, LORD, because you rescued me. You did not let my enemies laugh at me. LORD, my God, I prayed to you, and you healed me.” Psalm 30:1-2 (NCV) He was thankful that he was not defeated.
Take time today to tell God where you are dealing with sickness. Say throughout the day: LORD, my God, I prayed to you, and you healed me. Take comfort in God just simply being with you…”

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