Jane Lyon

Words In My Mind

Dear Friends,

“I Quit!”, were the words in my mind and recognized in my spirit by my “clearness committee” (Quaker custom described in Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak, p.44) as we gathered in February. “This is too hard, I am tired, what’s the point, people don’t care,” whine, whine, whine! Then came the clarifying question from a sister seasoned & practiced in her trust of and walk with God: “what are you hearing from God?” Wow, that’s the point, I’m not hearing God!

So I did what is needed for me to hear God – I found a quiet place, all alone, and practiced “being still.” I experienced silence & stillness (basic human needs, food & sleep). The word I heard from a most unlikely source was: “FAITHFULNESS,” defined as “doing what you were last told to do.” God’s ‘still, small voice’ resonated
within: “this is not about you Jane! I ‘made you what you are’ and led you to this place. Your role is to trust Me completely as you do the task at hand FAITHFULLY – in season & out, good times & bad, when you want to & when you don’t. DO NOT QUIT!”

During this Lenten season, “40 lean days crossed by 7 Sunday’s, beginning in ashes and ending in LIFE,” are you ready to quit? Or, have you already quit? “This is just too hard;” or, “I’m tired, unappreciated, misunderstood, persecuted;” or, “what’s the point?” I encourage you, challenge you, beg of you – DO NOT QUIT! Keep doing the last thing you heard from God (and you knew it was God). And TRUST God, Who brought ETERNAL LIFE from the darkest day & death in history, to create LIFE in & through you as you remain FAITHFUL.

I love you and am praying for you today,

Jane Lyon, CEO
Whole Woman Conference, Inc.

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