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Theme For 2016 Conference Chosen

“You Talkin’ to Me?” is the theme of the 11th annual WWC to be held Jan. 22-23, 2016, in Clarksville, Virginia. The registration fee is $60 per person. Registration closed January 15th for this year. Plan to join us next year. Whole Woman Conference has added the Crusader Camp. The camp will be held at […]

If I Asked You Today…

The following devotional was taken with permission from “Message in a Post,” a daily devotional site on Facebook, which is authored by Kristen Tucker, M.Div.. “If I asked you today to tell me how many people you knew needed some type of healing, I am sure you could gather a list for me quickly. For […]

Jane Lyon

Words In My Mind

Dear Friends, “I Quit!”, were the words in my mind and recognized in my spirit by my “clearness committee” (Quaker custom described in Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak, p.44) as we gathered in February. “This is too hard, I am tired, what’s the point, people don’t care,” whine, whine, whine! Then came the clarifying […]

Mecklenburg Sun

Jane Lyon to Serve on Governing Board

Jane Lyon, CEO of the Whole Woman Conference, is now President of the Governing Board of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Read the article from the Mecklenburg Sun newspaper about this honor.

Miss Betty

Miss Betty Gets Big Money

Miss Betty Rodenhizer has tickled our funny bones each year. She has jokingly said that she should be paid for her segment of the event. One year, Jane presented Miss Betty with a big check in hopes that it would cover her vast expenses.