What a blessing to have

What a blessing to have attended my first Whole Woman Conference! To reconnect with friends and make new ones-wow…From the moment I walked in, I felt the Holy Spirit wrap around me.
Jane’s delivery of the Word, allowed me to see things in scripture that I had never noticed-I know now that I can walk like Elijah in the wilderness and everything will be ok-because at least I am not in the well, with no way to get out!
Kristen made me feel that through our lowest, our brightest and best is ahead-and we need to share our story!
Christy renewed my faith in “The Womanhood” and that being a Proverbs Woman, well it’s not a bad thing-life is what you make it and we can learn from those who “do life” differently than us. Oh, and it ok to think about ourselves once in awhile…
The ladies that brought forth their testimonies, proved that with God, all things are possible! We need to remind ourself that Faith and Doubt, nor Worry and Trust can reside in the same house. Yet through Him our Mess becomes a Message, our Test is a living Testimony and our TRIals become TRIUMPHS…
It was an honor to work with Teresa, Roxanne and Dorie in providing the music for the weekend and I pray that everyone’s takeaway to giveaway is We serve a Mighty, Life Transforming and Loving God….we simply need to Stop, Listen and every once in while get Refreshed, Restored and Renewed.
We are no good to anyone, if we don’t take care of ourselves-
May God continue to bless you and those you share your story with

Anji Dean

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